I’ve been hacking up bits of wood for quite a long time now. After a few years in the construction industry and three years at art college, I began making bespoke carved and turned oak furniture, some of which was exhibited in England and Wales, and some was made for listed and historic buildings.

It was during this time that I also started to explore creative woodturning. After relocation, I spent several years in craft education, including part-time lecturing in Carpentry & Joinery up to CGLI Advanced Craft level. More recently, as part of my work as a community pastor, in teaching and giving experience of woodturning to individuals and groups of adults, as well to youth and children in schools and at community events. My products are almost entirely made from local timber; trees which have fallen, or felled out of necessity. The only ‘exotic’ timbers used are reclaimed or donated. Art, craft and nature come together in these turned and carved objects which are designed to be tactile as well as visual. Even my cutting and serving boards are intended to be both beautiful and useful, usually with a natural edge.

"I’ve been hacking up bits of wood for quite a long time now."


Virtually all my timber comes from trees that have fallen or that have to be felled. Much of it comes from a timber recycling centre, where arboricultural waste is chipped to fuel power stations and large wood-chip boilers. After I’ve milled or rough-turned the timber, I kiln-dry it before cutting or turning it to it’s final form and shape.Keep your favourite side for serving and display, and cut on the other side! The boards should be wiped or hand-washed and cloth-dried, then stood on edge or in a plate rack to fully dry. They can be oiled when needed with Danish oil. With care they will stay looking good for years to come.


I use a chainsaw mill to convert the timber into boards. This means that I can mill the tree wherever it is lying. The gallery pictures show a burr oak and a sweet chestnut that we recently milled in some local woods. All the timber I use would otherwise be chipped, logged or simply left to rot!


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